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Come join us if you want to make a real difference when it comes to global climate change and the impact it has had on our winters. We are a team of passionate and experienced people from around the world who depend on winter. We are Snow Lovers, and we are at our best when we live, love, and work in snowy climates.

Our plan as a nonprofit organization is to act as the WAKE-UP call for those who benefit from snow. We are providing actionable skills, education, and awareness to snow enthusiasts about how to track and reduce their personal carbon footprints. We are training, mapping, and recognizing snow competitions and events, snow brands, and ski resorts that want to move towards goals for renewable energy by 2030, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

We are not about advocacy and influencing politicians in national capitals, but rather going straight to major influences of power: The vast population of people who love snow. We are about mitigation and urgent change because lack of snow and extreme winter conditions do more harm than lack of a 4-season ski resort development strategy.

It’s time to change our culture. We have talked to snowboarders, skiers, Olympic athletes, First Nation people, businesses, and ski resorts to catalyze the cause from those who believe that we have no time to lose and must take responsibility for our actions to change our culture now. As a collective taking action, this is the most powerful way to minimize the impacts of climate change. While the snow industry is so desperately dependent on solving the crisis to save winters for future generations, remarkably, it is one of the slowest industries that is actually doing something about it.

Snow Lovers are the cataylsts. We are inclusive. We hold the the megaphones, amplifying the message about the importance of snowpack and winter seasons for healthy year-round ecosystems, for the health of our agriculture, clean air, and the natural balance and beauty of life on this planet!

Join us! Become a Snow Lover! Our planet depends on all of us~
–The Snow Lovers

Please consider supporting our GoFundMe matching fundraising campaign called Snow Lover—Saving Winter Now! running January 21-June 2018 to launch our organization. Your support will make all the difference.

Other ways to help:

❏ Mountaintop Partner $10,000 donation
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We also seek: Individual supporters, athletes, media, and business partners who would like to raise the volume and amplify our work to reach as many people as possible. Please contact us if you are interested in working together, sharing on social media, and helping to amplify the message!

Contact us at info@snowlovers.org

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Photo by Marco Zorzanello: Artifical “snow streets” are needed in the Alps to allow skiers to be towed from place to place. Last December was the driest in the Alps in 150 years. 

The Balance Sheet — Winter 2018:

  • The Sierra Nevada Mountains could get 50% less snow by 2050
  • USA Olympic athletes training for Pyeongchang had to move from usual locations in North America to Sass-Fee, Switzerland in order to find snow
  • Camp of Champions for young snowboarders and skiers closed in June, 2017 after 28 years due to Whistler’s Horstman Glacier deteriorating from climate change
  • Colorado snow melts 2 weeks earlier than in the 1970’s; and poor snow years in the Northeast have increased 22%
  • Only 5% of U.S. ski areas use renewable energy; 7 out of 479 ski resorts in North America
  • The largest glacier in Europe is in Iceland, Vatnajökull. It is said that the person who will witness it disappear has already been born.

The Power to Change:

  • More than 95% of snow enthusiasts in the United States, ages 13-25, believe in climate change
  • Globally, the ski industry generates up to $70 billion a year
  • 53-60 million skier visits per year in the USA = a large demographic that can advocate for change, starting with their own carbon impact
  • Burton, The North Face, Patagonia among top manufacturers creating manufacturing, distribution, and circular economy models to combat climate change in winter sports
  • Taos Ski Resort becomes the first B Corp certified ski resort in North America, inspiring more to follow suit
  • Winter Media is reporting even more about the issues of climate change and the need for snowsports to move ahead faster and more urgently
  • 100% renewable energy use by 2030 in accord with Paris Agreement adopted by New York ski resorts Gore Mountain, Whiteface Mountain, Belleayre
  • 100% renewable energy commitment pledged by 50 cities so far including mountain towns Park City, UT, Lake Placid, NY, Moab, UT, and Truckee, CA

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Photo by Scott Markowitz: Runar Omarsson and friends hiking Icelandic glaciers for winter mountain biking. Icelandic glaciers are at serious risk due to climate change.

The Core Team:

Kathleen Gasperini

Kathleen is originally from Upstate New York where she learned her love of snow sports at tiny local mountains via her high school ski club. After college she landed at Powder Magazine in Southern California just as it was launching a new magazine, Snowboarder, which she jumped on board by the second issue. Having the extreme fortune of traveling the world and riding with the most talented riders and photographers in the sport, she was part of the original posse that created a wholly new culture and vernacular that matched the rebel, punk rock expressions for a new love of snow.

As a social entrepreneur, she has founded many companies and nonprofits, including Label Networks, known for global youth culture marketing intelligence working with clients ranging from Apple to the Vans Warped Tour, and work appearing in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Elle, Vogue, Spin, Vibe, Surfing, Skateboarding, and Snowboarding. Her business The Sustainables Group is a leading sustainability strategy company known for first-ever youth culture-based campaigns on sustainability with more than 40,000 interviews across the U.S. among 13-25-year-olds covering their concerns on humanitarian and environmental issues. She holds a Global Sustainability Certification from UCLA, and is a Global Climate Reality Leader trained by former Vice President Al Gore. She has delivered presentations around the world on youth culture trends, fashion, action sports, and sustainability and is the author of Pretty Good for a Girl—The Autobiography of Snowboarding Pioneer Tina Basich by Harper Collins; Tales of the Yellow Gypsy Rover: The Peace Pirates; and #TheSustainables, to be published by Island Press in 2019.

Les Anthony

“Doc” Leslie Anthony has been an editor, creative director, columnist and contributor to more ski magazines than would be humanly possible if he weren’t so old. PowderSkiingSBC SkierSki CanadaSki PressForecast and Mountain Life Annual are a few of the North American publications in which he has played a prominent role. On the other side of the pond you can add Peak PerformanceInterstellar and a range of Swedish, Norwegian, French, and German outdoor magazines. A biologist by training, the Whistler-based author of White Planet: a Mad Dash Through Modern Global Ski Culture remains active in the science/environment world as a writer, activist and sustainability advocate.

Runar Omarsson

Runar Omarsson is born and raised in Iceland, where glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. He has been playing in and on snow for as long as her remembers, and has built international and local companies around his passion for snow and winter.

“I myself have witnessed the melting of glaciers with my own eyes, since I have been hiking them for over 20 years, filming and photographing on them, had snowboard camps (The IPP camp) on Snæfellsjökull, a glacier that is dear to me as is the whole area around it. I see that glacier from Reykjavik when the sky is clear. Icelanders have witnessed global warming in my lifetime to the point that anyone who denies it is considered ignorant or simply a fool. The largest glacier in Europe is in Iceland, Vatnajökull. It is said that the person who will witness it disappear has already been born.”

Runar’s images include the snow bikers hiking an Icelandic glacier. He has been organizing snowboard and mountain bike trips/expeditions on snow since 1995.

Marco Zorzanello

Marco Zorzanello was born in Vicenza in December 1979 and graduated from the Faculty of Humanities of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, specializing at John Kaverdash Institute of Milan in reportage photography.

He can claim some publications with Time Magazine, Le Monde, La Stampa, Io Donna, La Repubblica, 6Mois, De Morgen, Mary Claire and other Italian and foreign magazines. He is collaborating with Geo Germany on a publication about Tourism in the Alps. He contributed also the two images of the skiers being pulled by the horses from a recent Time magazine, and the slopes with limited snow. As a photographer of architecture, he worked with the magazines Domus, Casabella and The Plan.

Some of his photos have been shortlisted in different awards and festival, as Kolga Festival in Tibilisi, the capitol of Gerogia, the International Contest of Photography of the Alliance Française Madrid and EFTI 2017, the Photogrvphy Magazine & Grant 2017 and the Italian Ponchielli award 2017. In 2017 his work SNOW-LAND has been screened during the annual VISA pour l’Image in Perpignan.

Michelle Ponce

Michelle is an eco-inspired creative who has worked for 16 years as a stylist and set designer for commercials, movies, and magazines including Surfing and swim previews for Billabong.

She created the eco-inspired decor for the backstage area for OHANA Dana Point, the luxurious glam-ping Safari Tents at Coachella, and the exclusive fine-dining catering area for Desert Trip.  Her work has also included sustainability designs for the Cousteau Society and eco-village for the Burton US Open.

Previously, Michelle co-founded the creative and interactive space on the Vans Warped Tour, the Ladies Lounge/Girlz Garage, which ran for more than a decade.

Michelle remains a highly regarded trend forecaster for agencies and brands including Lambesis and Label Networks.

Board of Advisors:

Kevin Lyman, 4Fini CEO and Founder

Kevin has shaped youth culture for over 35 years with his award winning expertise in the music and entertainment industry as well as business and philanthropic ventures. Lyman is best known as the creator of the most socially influential music tours in the United States including iconic Vans Warped Tour, giving him the name “festival mastermind.”

Lyman pioneered the successful integration of corporate sponsors with the extreme lifestyle, creating a blueprint for sponsorship integration widely duplicated in the marketplace today. 4Fini uses this blueprint to produce some of the most influential events in the world including branded festivals and custom events.

For his philanthropic efforts, Lyman was recognized as the Billboard Touring Awards Humanitarian of the Year (2009), an honoree at the Grammy/MusiCares MAP Fund gala (2011 and 2014), and was inducted into the Top Dog Touring Hall of Fame (2012). He serves on the board of directors for MusiCares, TJ Martel, Hands that Rock, Saint Archer Brewery, and is an advisor for the Los Angeles Fairplex.

Please support us!Snow Lovers: Saving Winter Now!



Our first press release:  GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE NON-PROFIT, SNOW LOVERS, LANDS $50K BITCOIN DONATION FROM MYSTERIOUS CRYPTOCURRENCY PATRON, PINEAPPLE FUND Anonymous philanthropist bets big on organization’s mission to save winter Los Angeles (March 6, 2018)—Bitcoin philanthropic institution, Pineapple Fund, has awarded a $50k donation to climate-change non-profit, Snow Lovers. The money will be used in …


Photo by Marco Zorzanello: Making as much artificial snow as possible for skiers in the Alps to make it down the the base lodge.

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