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Anonymous philanthropist bets big on organization’s mission to save winter

Los Angeles (March 6, 2018)—Bitcoin philanthropic institution, Pineapple Fund, has awarded a $50k donation to climate-change non-profit, Snow Lovers. The money will be used in support of the group’s goal of saving the winter season for posterity.

Snow Lovers, which promotes a healthy year-round eco-systems in partnership with those working in the snow industry, learned they had been selected for a donation in late February, when the enigmatic head of the Pineapple Fund, who goes by the name of “Pine,” and claims to be among the 250 largest holders of Bitcoin in the world, confirmed via email.

“I am hoping that we humans are able to protect winter before it’s too late. I know this is not going to happen by magic and will take concentrated effort, awareness, and action, but I am cautiously optimistic in humanity 🙂 ,” Pine wrote.

“Receiving money in this way is a game-changer for non-profits seeking to pursue urgent change since we didn’t have to wait for a grant,” said Snow Lovers’ founder, Kathleen Gasperini, who trained in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps under former Vice President Al Gore.

The only string attached to the Pineapple Fund donation was that Snow Lovers convert the currency to USD, which it has. The fund’s goal is to give away $86 million worth of Bitcoin. It has already awarded $20 million to 13 organizations.

“Saving winter is beyond a single season. It is vital for the health and beauty of life on this planet,” said Gasperini. “With help from the Pineapple Fund, we intend to amplify that message to create actionable skills in order to train, recognize and award people who are decreasing their carbon footprint.”

Snow Lovers’ process includes pressuring ski resorts to commit to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 in accordance with the Paris Climate agreement. The organization claims  representatives in wintry places around the globe who are well versed in the snow industries, which generate $70 billion annually, while channeling little into renewable energy. The Pineapple Fund donation kicks off a fresh round of fundraising for Snow Lovers, with the generous seed money serving to attract other concerned parties. Snow will always matter, Gasperini said, because, “It’s always winter somewhere.”

Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show Loves Snow Lovers

The Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show held in Denver, CO, January 24-28, 2018 marked the official launch to the public of our organization, Snow Lovers: Saving Winter for Future Generations. Covering the massive trade show floors of the convention center, our team must have talked with more than 75 brands and attended a number of very interesting seminars, particularly in the area called Venture Out.

Everyone we talked to about Snow Lovers agreed that the snow industry, while the most dependent on stable weather, has not done enough to mitigate global climate change. Many brands were not only in full support of what we were trying to do, but said they would help us in any way, and went on to share their stories of sustainability and growth.

Fjallraven, Nikita,  Vans, Oakley, Richer Poorer, Mountain Hardwear, Faction, Deviation, Icebreaker, Meier, Faction, Roxy, and The North Face all expressed keen interest in getting involved and spreading the message.

Women in action sports speak out on gender diversity at Venture Out.

Key take-aways from the show centered on the need for more female representation in the outdoor industry and need for increased diversity overall. One of our favorite panels was about women in action sports and how there is still a lack of coverage in many snowboarding magazines of women riders and photographers. With the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements underway, the impacts were felt heavily at the show.

Pendleton’s 2016 National Park Collection campaign was still reverberating in 2018.

Stay tuned for the official recap from the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show coming soon. Meanwhile, please support our first fundraising campaign, taking place now at and let’s jump start our programs!


Crowdfunding Campaign for Snow Lovers Has Begun!

Here we go! We have officially launched our fundraising campaign!

Snow Lovers is a pending nonprofit to Save Winter for Future Generations! Come join us if you want to make a real difference when it comes to global climate change and the impact it has had on our winters. We are a team of passionate and experienced people from around the world who depend on winter.

Our plan as an organization is to act as the WAKE-UP call for those who benefit from snow.

Our Goals:
Provide actionable skills, education, and awareness to snow enthusiasts about how to track and reduce their personal carbon footprints and share with others
Train, map, and recognize snow competitions and events, snow brands, and ski resorts that want to move towards goals for 100% renewable energy by 2030, in accordance with the Paris Agreement
Catalyze the cause through media, social networking, and presentations that we must act now and can’t wait one more winter for our snow season to drastically continue to change
Challenge those who think increased development is the solution to keeping ski resorts in business
Work with snowboarders, skiers, Olympic athletes, First Nation people, businesses, and ski resorts who believe that we have no time to lose and must take responsibility for our actions to change our culture now
Amplify the message about the importance of snowpack and winter seasons for healthy year-round ecosystems, for the health of our agriculture, clean air, and the natural balance and beauty of life on this planet!

Any funds we raise go straight to launching our nonprofit fast, during the winter of 2018. 
 This includes:
–Green guides, videos, and presentations that provide actionable instructions people can utilize to measure, track, and share their carbon footprint journey to start on their path of reduction and a net-zero balance
–Pledge and training programs for snow brands stoked to take the steps to sustianability
–100% renewable guidance plans and training programs for ski resorts and mountain communities who are interested in meeting the requirements of shfiting from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy in accordance with the Paris Agreement by 2030
–Final nonprofit incorporation filing fees
–Website build-out as the platform for education, advocacy, and mitgation for change
–Snow Lovers energy strategists in winter industries and sports working to get the job done!

Who Will Benefit: 
Mother Earth, winter seasons, snowpack, streams, water systems, agriculture systems, healthy air, and beauty of this planet which all creatures need to survive and thrive, and which comes from healthy winter season environments
Snow Enthusiasts who love to recreate, work, train in winter, including snowboarders, skiers, backcountry, snowshoers, hikers, bird watchers, winter Olympic athletes, First Nation people dependent on winter climates
The Economy since the global ski industry generates up to $70 billion a year, providing jobs and keeping communities alive who are dependent on snow

We don’t want one more winter to suffer. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by March 17, 2018 in order to fast-track our efforts so far and show the world that Snow Lovers are about mitigation for urgent change, because lack of snow and extreme winter conditions do more harm than lack of a 4-season ski resort development strategy.

It’s time to change our winter culture. We are not about advocacy and influencing politicians in national capitals, but rather going straight to major influences of power: The vast population of people who love and need snow.  As a collective taking action, this is the most powerful way to minimize the impacts of climate change. While the snow industry is so desperately dependent on solving the crisis to save winters for future generations, remarkably, it is one of the slowest industries that is actually doing something about it.

Snow Lovers are the Cataylsts. 

Join us! Become a Snow Lover! Our planet depends on all of us~

All funds raised will be given to the Snow Lovers charity! Charitable donation write-off reciepts will be available once nonprofit status is cleared, June 1, 2018.

Thank you!

–The Snow Lovers Team


Welcome Snow Lovers!

Thank you for checking out Snow Lovers! We have so much to tell you and contribute.

We are currently in our initial fundraising campaign, so please contribute or check out our GoFundMe campaign now.

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