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The Snow Lovers team is currently building a Winter 2018-2019 and Summer 2019 Outreach campaign.

Our outreach programs tap into the crossover of engaging snowboarders, skiers, water people by showing the impact of winter cultures and our carbon footprint, as well as incorporating Snow Lovers’ inclusion goals for recognizing and working with communities that are dependent on snow for their very livelihoods.

The Goals and Services Provided by Snow Lovers:
PROVIDE actionable skills, education, and awareness to snow enthusiasts around the globe. TEACH how to track and reduce their personal carbon footprints and how to SHARE this information with others.
TRAIN, MAP and RECOGNIZE snow competitions, events, brands, and ski resorts that wish to move towards 100% renewable energy by 2030, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.
CATALYZE the cause through media, social networking, and presentations. We must act now and cannot wait one more winter for our snow season to drastically continue to change.
CHALLENGE those who think increased development is the only solution to keeping ski resorts in business.
WORK alongside snowboarders, skiers, Olympic athletes, First Nation people, businesses, and ski resorts who believe that we have no time to lose and must take responsibility for our actions to change our culture now.
AMPLIFY the importance of snowpack and winter seasons for healthy year-round ecosystems, for the health of our agriculture, clean air, and the natural balance and beauty of life on planet Earth!

Who Will Benefit: 
Mother Earth, winter seasons, snowpack, streams, water systems, agriculture systems, healthy air, and beauty of this planet which all creatures need to survive and thrive, and which comes from healthy winter season environments.
Snow Enthusiasts who love to recreate, work, train in winter, including snowboarders, skiers, backcountry, snowshoers, hikers, bird watchers, winter Olympic athletes, First Nation people dependent on winter climates.
The Economy since the global ski industry generates up to $70 billion a year, providing jobs and keeping communities alive who are dependent on snow.

Please consider supporting us through our GoFundMe matching fundraising campaign called Snow Lover—Saving Winter Now! running January 21-June 2018. Your support will make all the difference.

Other ways to help:

❏ Mountaintop Partner $10,000 donation
❏ Gold Partner $5,000 annual donation
❏ Personal Membership $25 annual donation
❏ Personal Lifetime Membership $1000 one-time donation
❏ Individual donation

We also seek: Individual supporters, athletes, media, and business partners who would like to raise the volume and amplify our work to reach as many people as possible. Please contact us if you are interested in working together, sharing on social media, and helping to amplify the message!

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